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Personal Wellness ProfileTM
Notice to End Users

Congratulations for choosing to participate in the Personal Wellness ProfileTM assessment.  Consider this assessment as your first step to better health.  By choosing to take personal responsibility for your good health now, you may live a longer, healthier, and happier life.  This assessment is designed for adults 18 years or older.

Terms of Use.  By participating in the Personal Wellness Profile assessment, you agree that the results of the assessment will be used for educational purposes only and that the Personal Wellness Profile is not intended to and cannot replace the advice of a medical professional.  You should not rely on the Personal Wellness Profile for diagnosis or treatment.  Persons who display disease symptoms, fall into certain high risk categories, and/or who receive abnormal laboratory test results should consult a physician before embarking on any course of action or any lifestyle change.  Wellsource, Inc. (Wellsource) and Grand Valley Health Plan are not liable for any health consequences resulting from your participation in this program.

Use of Personal Information.  This sets forth Wellsource’s and Grand Valley Health Plan’s practices regarding the information it collects from Personal Wellness Profile participants.  Wellsource® retains the information you submit in the course of taking the Personal Wellness Profile assessment.  Upon your consent to this End User Notice, your answers to the questionnaire will be disclosed to Grand Valley Health Plan.  With your consent, Grand Valley Health Plan, providing you with the opportunity to participate in this assessment, will have access to your personal information.  Wellsource® and Grand Valley Health Plan have taken steps to fully comply with laws and regulations on the use of personal information; however, Wellsource® does not ultimately control the privacy and security practices of Grand Valley Health Plan.  If you consent to be bound by this End User Notice, information about you may be shared with Grand Valley Health Plan in two forms: (1) aggregate data (your data combined with those of other participants which does not personally identify you), and (2) personally identifiable data (data specific to and identifiable to you).  Additionally, in the course of providing services associated with the Personal Wellness Profile, Wellsource® employees and consultants may have access to your personal information.  You may request that your program administrator delete your Personal Wellness Profile at any time; however, we cannot guarantee that your information in aggregate form will be completely removed from the Wellsource® system.

Consent.  This notice contains our policy with respect to our security and privacy practices.  This policy and notice may change at any time.  By clicking "I agree" below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the above and assert that I am at least 18 years of age.  If I choose to click "I disagree" below, I understand that I may not have access to the Personal Wellness Profile.

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