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15 Fun Activities for Autumn

The leaves are falling, and you're dragging jackets out of storage. But don't think that your fun ends onLabor Day! The fall season offers great opportunities for physical activity – and making memories.

  1. Rake leaves into piles, then jump in the piles. True, you'll have to rake the leaves up again, but it's worth it.

  2. Walk briskly around your neighborhood, breathing in the crisp morning air.

  3. Go to a cider squeeze and press your own.

  4. Collect colorful leaves, then press them between 2 sheets of wax paper (using a cool iron and a towel).

  5. Plant bulbs.

  6. Hike up a favorite trail and enjoy the changing colors.

  7. Take a shut-in for a drive through the countryside.

  8. Walk along the road and crunch every leaf you come across.

  9. Gather nuts – then wrap them up as gifts. Save a bunch to crack on a cold winter evening.

  10. Learn how to ice skate.

  11. Go on a scavenger hunt to find things that start with each letter in the word A-U-T-U-M-N.

  12. Ride bikes.

  13. Organize a hayride.

  14. Host an Octoberfest or harvest party.

  15. Swing in a hammock on a warm afternoon and enjoy the last remnants of Indian Summer.


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Written by:: Paula Wart
Reviewed:: 9/17/2012

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